Not conventional english



Well, yes. It’s english. This small amount of characters are written for those “who know”. But what the heck, if he did it, why dont we? That man offers to his class a non revolutionary method of international commerce: the “know how” to do it, that works almost in any part of the business world. But, besides, this man, with a master degree in the Universidad de Guadalajara, offers his students a class in english. We’re not talking about some lessons to teach people how to talk the language, he leads his class to make serious business around the world.
That’s his purpose.
The man we’re talking about is Miguel íngel López Lomelí, who gives the class of international commerce in the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrativas (CUCEA), in english. Last week, the General rector of the UdeG, Carlos Briseño Torres, even the general consul of the Unisted States in Guadalajara, went to listen his last class of the semester.
“This is not an english as a second language class, like the typical institutes offer. This is a class with a regular subject on international marketing and commerce, and in special cases, international business, but in english”, explained the teacher.
López Lomelí acclaims that this idea was to help the students with his professional experience –in multinational companies of America for over 22 years–. “I decided to bring to these students the working environment and one of the things is that we conduct business in english, because we have most of our headquarters in the United States: we speak, we write, we read in english, so for the students of CUCEA, who really want to have an opportunity, can begin their professional lives with an english base”.
Last week, the General rector, Carlos Briseño Torres, said this class should be 100 per cent in english, and pretends to extend this program to other similar careers. This, for that the students can be more competitive and have better opportunities.
The professer wanted to thank José Sánchez, head of the Buisness department in CUCEA, who invited him to join the University, also Jesus Urzúa, coordinator of the marketing area, and Jesús Arroyo Alejandre, rector of CUCEA, who had supported his work in the classrooms.
The main gain for the students that study a professional career with a bilingual platform, said López Lomelí, is that “they can manage a business situation in english. With all the work they do in class, they can really feel confidence. When they go to a company, they won’t feel embarrassed or insecure, because they have done professional issues in class”.
For the University, it’s different: “We now are teaching in the level of the most competitive university, and we are doing this in a public university. This is a precedent that very few universities have in Mexico. So, we’re in the top line with this”.